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La Hacienda Ready to Serve at Epcot

With La Hacienda ready to soft open this week we’d like to thank one of our friends at the World for snapping a few photos for us to share with you today.

Photo courtesy Brandi Baker

The newly refurbished Cantina will now be both counter service and table service. La Cantina de San Angel will open daily at 11am and serve counter service options while the table service option, La Hacienda de San Angel, will open daily at 4pm. La Cantina de San Angel will utilize its own seating area plus some of the air-conditioned La Hacienda seating space (including the terrace) until La Hacienda opens at 4pm. Then La Hacienda will only be available for table service seating. La Cantina de San Angel will remain open, serving counter service selections, until the park closes.

Outdoor seating - photo courtesy Brandi Baker

Outdoor Terrace - photo courtesy Brandi Baker

Offerings at La Cantina will include grilled beef and chicken tacos served on fresh homemade corn tortillas, Empanadas de Queso (fried corn masa filled with cheese, topped with green sauce, served with corn chips), nachos, fresh homemade guacamole and chips, churros, and paletas (traditional fruit popsicles).

Beginning September 16 ADRs can be made for La Hacienda for October 15th and after. The restaurant is in a soft opening phase until October 15th and will be walk up only.

We will be trying it out for ourself soon so look for another post in the future with a review and food photos.


Shopping and Unique Opportunities Inside Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion

We recently posted about the San Angel Inn restaurant inside Epcot’s Mexico pavilion, but that’s not all that sits inside the model of the Aztec Temple of Quetzalcoatl. The main area inside is covered with various kiosks that sell different Mexican souvenirs. The perimeter of the interior is made up of a handful of shops as well. La Tienda Encatada sells clothing, jewelry, and accessories while the neighboring La Princesa de Cristal has a collection of crystal and glass items available for purchase. If you are lucky, you’ll catch the glass blower working on new pieces for the shop.

Glass Blower Inside La Princesa de Cristal

From Behind

Norway’s Stave Church

Last week we looked at Norway’s ride attraction, Maelstrom, so today we’ll continue the Norwegian tour with the Stave Church found right at the entrance to the pavilion.

Norway's Stave Church

This building is a replica of the Gol Stave Church located in Oslo and it houses an exhibition called “Vikings: Conquerors of the Seas”.

Norway's Stave Church

I’m not alone in saying that I could spend a good bit of time inside the Stave Church simply because of the choice of music. The relaxing piece of music that you hear when in this area is by a Norwegian saxophonist, Jan Garbarek, titled “Parce mihi Domine”, and is actually a Gregorian Chant composed in the early 1500s.  If you’d like to take a photo and video tour of the Norway pavilion, including Maelstrom and the film following the ride, you can do so by watching this YouTube video. (Listen up at around 0:52 into the video as the Stave Church music is played).

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Norway’s Maelstrom

The Norway pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase is one of two pavilions with a ride attraction and not just a film.

Maelstrom Entrance

The viking type boat that guests board take them through the history of Norway and the culture of the country. Take a look at the large mural before boarding as it represents different aspects of the country’s story.

Mural in Boarding Area

Once on board, guests on the viking ship first pass through Norway’s viking days before entering a magical swamp where the ship is sent backwards by some angry trolls. While traveling backwards guests pass a scene with Norwegian wildlife such as polar bears and puffins, and then, be sure to turn around and check behind you because the ship appears to be heading backwards, outside, and over a waterfall.

Looking Back at Norway

Never fear, the ship stops momentarily, and if you turned around you get a view of the pavilion from above, and then moves forward on through scenes depicting the oil industry in Norway. Guests end their trip in a small Norwegian village where you can choose to watch a short film about the country at the exit.

Originally the attraction was going to only be focused on trolls but the Norway sponsors did not like this idea and wanted more of the country represented. The ride opened in July 1988 after the Norway pavilion was dedicated in June of the same year.

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Enjoy a French Pastry From Boulangerie Patisserie

One of my must-do eats each trip is a ham and cheese croissant and a dessert pastry from Boulangerie Patisserie in the France Pavilion of Epcot’s World Showcase. This counter service location is very small on the inside with two cases on either side and two lines for service. I’ve have not been to France (yet), but I can imagine this small bakery in a little French village. The inside is decorated with French cookbooks, bakeware, and baked goods while the cases are stocked with cheese platters, croissants, quiche, tarts, eclairs, and more. It can be very difficult to make a choice standing there with all of these delectable treats waiting in front of you. There is almost always a line but it is worth the wait to grab a snack or light meal from Boulangerie Patisserie. You can take your selections outside, sit at the sidewalk tables, and enjoy your meal while you people watch on the streets of France. If the weather is not cooperating, there are sets of indoor tables and chairs  inside the shop connected to the film theater for Impressions de France. So the next time you find yourself wandering the streets of France, take a minute to taste it, too.

Boulangerie Patisserie Menu

Case of Bakery Selections

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Getting a Taste of Authentic Mexico at the San Angel Inn

Whether it’s day or night when you walk into the Mexico pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, it’s always night inside! Beautifully lit on the inside to give the feel of being outdoors under the nighttime sky in Mexico, this pavilion offers a variety of shops, a ride, and a sit-down table service restaurant called San Angel Inn. The Inn serves lunch and dinner daily and accepts Advanced Dining Reservations.

Disney’s attention to theme and detail of course extend to the San Angel Inn. Check out the tile on the floor, the stucco walls, and of course you can’t miss the volcano in the distance emitting puffs of smoke every few seconds (keep your eye on those puffs of smoke, there’s a Mickey hidden in them every few minutes). Some seating is arranged by the edge of the water where the boats of the Gran Fiesta Tour float by every so often. The San Angel Inn is based on a Mexico City hacienda dating back to 1692. In 1915 the hacienda was changed into a restaurant and in 1962 it was taken over by the Debler family who named it the San Angel Inn and made it one of Mexico City’s finest restaurants. Visitors to Mexico in the World Showcase now have the opportunity to enjoy this dining experience (just be sure to make that ADR, this restaurant can be very popular!).

San Angel Inn - Epcot's Mexico Pavilion

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Stop in Enoteca Castello for a Refreshing Break

When wandering Epcot’s World Showcase one has many choices for food and beverage stops. In Italy you will find the little Enoteca Castello, a shop offering wine tasting, wine by the glass, and wine by the bottle. There are also items you can purchase to use in your own kitchen at home for display or for a practical function. Stop in the next time you’re wandering by Italy and see what treasure you find.

Enoteca Castello

Posts will be a little slow over the next few days as we prepare for our upcoming trip. Be sure to check in starting Sunday for live updates on our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter so you can see what we see, when we see it!