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Tree of Life – Another Look

Standing 145 feet tall, the Tree of Life in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the heart of Discovery Island. More than 300 animals were carved into the trunk and branches, blending in with the natural look of the Tree. At the bottom the roots twist and feed right into the landscape around the base, becoming part of the habitat for a variety of animals, including otters, lemurs, red kangaroo, and more. The Tree can be admired up close in the queue for It’s Tough to be a Bug, as well as around the Tree of Life trails, which are worth the time to explore. For a far away, take it all in at once view, why not walk around to the path between Africa and Asia? Different animal carvings can be seen and it is a great photo spot with the lush, living landscape surrounding the manmade Tree.

Tree of Life (as seen from back) - Animal Kingdom, April 2010


Tree of Life at Night

Last week I posted a picture of Expedition Everest at night and talked a bit about how it’s worth venturing over to the Animal Kingdom for an evening Extra Magic Hour.  Everything takes on a little different look and feel when it’s all aglow in the nighttime sky.  The Tree of Life is another example.  During the day you can walk around it, examine it, and hunt for all the carvings but at night, it’s glowing green leaves are something to behold.

Tree of Life at Night - Animal Kingdom, April 2010

Tree of Life #2

Another shot of the Tree of Life, this one from a different angle.

Tree of Life - Animal Kingdom, July 2009