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Sunset Boulevard

Once you make your way inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios you enter the heyday of Hollywood in the 1930’s and 40’s.  Take the first right off of Hollywood Boulevard and you’ll find yourself walking down Sunset Boulevard, which offers a variety of character and villain themed shops including the shops found in the Beverly Sunset. The focal point looming at the end of Sunset Boulevard is the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  At 199 feet it stands just one foot shy of the federal aircraft regulations which would require a blinking red light to be placed on top (which would have completely taken away from the feel of the hotel).  Based on the television series this ride takes you through an empty, haunted hotel and into a maintenance service elevator, directly to, The Twilight Zone.

Hollywood Tower Hotel on Sunset - Hollywood Studios, April 2010


Lucky Number 13?

A wait time of 13 minutes is quite funny when seen at the Tower of Terror.  The wait is not literally 13 minutes, rather there’s no real wait at all, or the park has just opened.  It’s neat to see it this way, when you can.

Lucky Number 13 - Hollywood Studios, April 2008

Checking In??

Check in, and you may never check out!  The detail in the Tower of Terror is some of the best found on property, all the way down to the mail that was never checked, the keys of the unoccupied rooms, and the hat belonging to a vanished visitor.

Tower of Terror - Hollywood Studios, December 2007

Tower of Terror

Check in to the Hollywood Tower Hotel, and you may never check out!  The detail in theming sure can make you feel that way.  It appears that all the guests just disappeared into thin air, leaving behind their belongings, their games, their afternoon tea.  Disney’s attention to detail makes this one of the best themed rides in the “World”.

Tower of Terror - Hollywood Studios, December 2007