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Walking Through Mickey’s Country House in Toontown

With the Fantasyland Expansion in full swing, today we’re going to take a quick tour through Mickey’s Country House before it is relocated when Toontown is finally officially closed.

We begin outside where we see Mickey’s very personalized mailbox. I wonder what kind of mail Mickey gets?

Mickey's Mailbox Outside his Country House

When you step inside your find yourself in Mickey’s living room, full of sports memorabilia.

Mickey's Cluttered Living Room

Also, right as you step in the front door, if you look to your left you are able to get a glimpse inside Mickey’s bedroom. Mickey keeps his bedroom very nice and neat compared to his living room. Check out his outfits in the closet, his bedroom shoes on the floor, his baby picture on the wall, and see what other little gems you can spot in the bedroom.

Mickey's Bedroom

Step on through the living room to find Mickey’s kitchen to your left. Mickey’s obviously been doing some home repairs and updates for quite awhile. My personal favorite touch is the “shopping list” on the refrigerator door.

Mickey's Kitchen

Across from Mickey’s kitchen you’ll see his game room, complete with table tennis, trophies, and more sports memorabilia.

Mickey's Game Room

At this point you’ve reached Mickey’s back door and it’s time to say goodbye. Be sure to walk on through Mickey’s garden and visit him in the Judge’s Tent before his time there comes to an end.

Outside in Mickey's Garden

Don't Forget to Visit Mickey Himself!

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Where in the World? #9

It’s Sunday and that means it’s time to play! Remember to post your guess as a comment here, on our Facebook page, or over on Twitter. Check back later today for the full photo reveal to see if you were right!

Where in the World would you find this?

Where in the World is this?

Lots of correct guesses today! Great job everyone! This is indeed Donald’s Boat, Miss Daisy, inside Toontown at the Magic Kingdom.

Donald's Boat, Miss Daisy - Magic Kingdom, April 2010

Cornelius Coot

Just who was Cornelius Coot?  He was the great-great grandfather of Donald Duck and an important piece in the history of Mickey’s Toontown Fair.  He was the founder of the city of Duckburg, U.S.A., which was the original setting for what is now Mickey’s Toontown Fair.  Originally this land was referred to as Mickey’s Birthdayland in honor of Mickey’s 60th birthday and Cornelius Coot’s statue depicted him pumping water into the fields, in turn creating a way to make his crops bountiful.  When the land changed to Mickey’s Toontown Fair, Cornelius remained, surrounded by corn (one of the crops his irrigation system helped grow), and became labeled as the founder of the Toontown Fair itself.

Cornelius Coot - Magic Kingdom, April 2010

Cornelius Coot's Dedication Plaque - Magic Kingdom, April 2010