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Quick Shot – Muppet Fountain

The Muppet Fountain outside MuppetVision 3D is a neat little area to enjoy before heading into the attraction. All the characters are playing their part!

Gonzo Directing the Gang

Fozzie the Cameraman

Animal Creating Chaos


Streets of America Light Up New York At Night

It’s one thing to see the Streets of America during the daytime, but have you taken time to walk through after dark? We’re not talking about during the holidays when the Osborne Lights are lighting things up for miles (which is a sight to behold I assure you). Any other time of the year the city sets are lit up and the New York backdrop is even more New York with the Empire State Building all aglow.

New York, New York

Streets of America

Played around in Lightroom today to create this shot of the Streets of America in Hollywood Studios.  I like how the black and white along with the soft haze create an old time feel.

Streets of America - Hollywood Studios, April 2010

Streets of America

The Streets of America in Hollywood Studios can make you feel, for just a moment, that you’re walking down the streets of New York, San Francisco, and more.

Streets of America - Hollywood Studios, April 2010