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Star Wars Weekends

Unfortunately we aren’t able to visit the World during Star Wars Weekends. Fortunately we have Bridget Economou who was more than happy to share some of her fantastic pictures from her recent trip!

Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios began on May 21 and events have been held each weekend and will conclude this Sunday, June 13. The events included the Dance Off with the Star Wars Stars which you can find full video of here thanks to Inside the Magic. Celebrities from the various films have also appeared, signing autographs and taking photos with guests. One big reveal this year was the talking, interactive C3PO who can also been seen at Inside the Magic.

If you were able to attend this year’s event, please share your photos or experiences here with us!

Storm Troopers Guard the Entrance at Hollywood Studios


Star Tours

With Star Wars Weekend fast approaching, and the end of the current Star Tours coming soon, we’re honoring the soon to be updated attraction today on the photoblog.  Star Tours originally opened at Walt Disney World in December, 1989.  Disney teamed up with George Lucas to create this last tour to Endor theme and this was the first attraction not based on Disney imagined material.  It was announced at last year’s D23 Expo that Star Tours would be closing and reopening as Star Tours II.  This new version will be in High Definition Disney Real-D 3-D.  The teaser trailer shown at the expo was based on the pod racing sequence from Star Wars: Phantom Menace.  It has been hinted at that Imagineers will be able to alter the film which could provide a different ride experience each time.

Star Tours as we currently know it will be closing at Hollywood Studios on September 8th and is set to reopen in May of next year.  On August 14th, Hollywood Studios is holding a ticketed event ($75) calling it the “Last Tour to Endor” party where there will be special Star Wars themed shows, the Death Star Disco, and final rides on Star Tours all night.  The event begins at 8pm and goes until 1am.  Ticket holders may enter the park beginning at 4pm.

Star Tours - Hollywood Studios, April 2010