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Whether You Loved It or Hated It – The Wand Has Been Down for Almost 3 years

There were both sides to the argument over the wand and letters spelling out Epcot over Spaceship Earth. Some were happy to see it finally come down and restore Spaceship Earth to its original, simple state; others were sad to see it go as it meant another little bit of change in the parks. I was one who was a little sad to see it as I had never had a chance to see the park without it. I found it fitting that we were there for our annual summer trip when it was being taken down. A bit of it was disappearing each day when we entered the park. That was July 2007 and now that it’s been almost three years since the removal, I think I am much happier with it having had its time and now put away. I enjoy the clean, simple, classic look of Spaceship Earth. So what were your feelings: did you love it? Or  did you hate it?

One Letter at a Time

Piece by Piece

Farewell Wand

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Last Days of the Wand

A shot on the last day that the wand was fully intact on Spaceship Earth.

Epcot Wand's Final Day - Epcot, July 2007

This, Our Spaceship Earth

This Phoenician is pounding reeds flat, creating papyrus in a scene from Spaceship Earth.

"Remember how easy it was to learn your ABCs?", Spaceship Earth - Epcot, April 2009

Spaceship Earth at Night

Sticking with the nighttime theme, here is a shot of Spaceship Earth, all lit up in beautiful shades of pink and purple.  One can end up taking too many photos of the giant geodesic sphere but I just can’t avoid its beauty at night.

Spaceship Earth all Aglow - Epcot, August 2008