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Quick Shot – Illuminations, Reflections of Earth

A quick shot today of my favorite nighttime spectacular, Illuminations, performed nightly at Epcot at 9pm except during the holidays (beginning November 26 and continuing through the month of December) when a special holiday ending is added and the performance begins at 9:30pm.

Illuminations Lighting up the Nighttime Sky


Sci-Fi Dine In Exterior at Hollywood Studios

Parked right outside of the Sci-Fi Dine In restaurant in Disney Hollywood Studios is a small example of what you will find when you enter in and eat inside this table service eatery. We’re posting a quick shot preview today because next week, we’ll be posting a full length review of the restaurant with photos and information on the food and theming.

Sci Fi Dine In Exterior Detail

Quick Shot – Muppet Fountain

The Muppet Fountain outside MuppetVision 3D is a neat little area to enjoy before heading into the attraction. All the characters are playing their part!

Gonzo Directing the Gang

Fozzie the Cameraman

Animal Creating Chaos

Quick Shot – Sunset at Cinderella Castle

When the sun has just started to go down and twilight begins to twinkle is the time when the Magic Kingdom can be at its prettiest. Cinderella Castle is lit with soft light and the sky itself seems to realize it’s the perfect backdrop for the beginning of a magical evening.

Sunset at Cinderella Castle

Quick Shot – Experimenting with Big Thunder Mountain

Over the past few months I have really started to become interested in HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographs but I had no idea really what they were or how they were made. Perhaps its my background in education that sent me out to learn it for myself. After reading online, watching many tutorials, I think I’ve got the picture (pun intended). On our most recent trip, I decided it was time to put what I’ve learned to the test.

Big Thunder Mountain

It’s a little crazy looking right? But that’s the point of HDR, I think, because it allows you to pull out the light, the dark, and the colors from the lightest of the light to the darkest of the dark, and everywhere in between. I do not believe that every photo should be taken and processed to this extreme but sometimes, it just fits and helps make the photo pop, makes it more dreamy, or helps accentuate certain aspects within the photo. The photo from earlier this week of Boulangerie Patisserie was an HDR composition and I felt it worked because it helped create a unique look on the glass case the pastries were in.

So, what is HDR? How is it done? Well, my early (still learning) understanding is that it is a 3 shot composition. One shot is underexposed, one is correctly exposed, and one is overexposed. The shots are taken in rapid succession so as not to create blur from movement in the photo. Then the photos are merged together, one on top of another, in photoshop and processed to create the HDR look. Below are the three shots that were taken to create the photo above.




This is just one of my first few attempts at HDR and I am still learning and practicing. I hope to one day create images as fabulous as some I’ve seen out there of the “world” in HDR.

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Quick Shot – Entering the Forbidden Mountain

Journey into the Forbidden Mountain of Expedition Everest and you might find more than you bargained for hiding in the temples and caves.

Climbing Everest

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Quick Shot – Up Close and Personal with John Wayne

Another famous celebrity you’ll find inside Hollywood Studio’s Great Movie Ride is Mr. John Wayne. Famous for his roles in classic westerns such as The Searchers, he is a perfect fit for the set honoring this genre.

Inside the Great Movie Ride with John Wayne

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