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Join in the Fun with the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Show

Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! is a high energy, fun-filled show/parade held around three times each day at the Magic Kingdom. The fun begins at the Fire Station and moves down Main Street to fully kick up in front of Cinderella’s Castle as the emcee calls for folks to gather around the large floats with gift boxes sitting on top. These aren’t ordinary presents! As the show begins some of your favorite characters burst out of the boxes and get the party started. There are various performers and characters encouraging the crowd to join the fun and the crowd can actually hop up and be in the middle of the celebration. Once the party in front of the castle is over the parade/show dances it way back down Main Street where you can watch from the sidewalks but if you want to be part of the fun, make sure you take a spot at the Hub for the show. It is a neat little show with a catchy tune (you will find yourself singing along without even thinking if you stay long enough in the Magic Kingdom for the day). Check your times guide when you get to the park to make sure you don’t miss out on the movin’, shakin’, and celebratin’!

Mickey Mouse Leads the Way Back Down Main Street

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Disney’s SpectroMagic Parade has made two runs in the Magic Kingdom. First opening in October 1991, the parade ran until May 1999. It returned again in April 2001 and has remained until just recently (June 2010). It is currently on hiatus to make room for the Main Street Electrical Parade that is part of the Summer Nightastic celebration Disney has put on for the summer.

The floats and entertainment in SpectroMagic are made up of fiber optics and strings of miniature lights. The strings of lights are just like your regular everyday Christmas lights that have been specially colored to Disney’s desire. The parade is around 20 minutes long and if you find yourself missing it during its hiatus, you can find the soundtrack on the CD titled simply “SpectroMagic” and you can watch this Ultimate Tribute thanks to Martin’s Videos.

SpectroMagic - Magic Kingdom

Main Street Electrical Parade

With Summer Nightastic now in full swing, guests have already had a chance to see some of the new additions to the parks. One addition is the return of the Main Street Electrical Parade. The parade, back for its third run at the Magic Kingdom, first ran in 1977 in Disney World and stayed until 1991, and then it was brought back for two years in 1999. Two new floats are part of the Disney World version this time around including one for Tinkerbell and one for Pinocchio.  Other floats include Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella’s Ball, Pete’s Dragon, and a patriotic themed float, To Honor America. Summer Nightastic goes through August 14th so if you’re planning a trip between now and then, make time to check out the parade!

Very special thank you to Brandi Baker who took today’s photo for us. Brandi attended the passholder preview of the parade and fireworks on Saturday night and had nothing but great things to say about it! Thank you again Brandi!

Pete's Dragon in the Main Street Electrical Parade - Magic Kingdom, June 2010