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The Great Movie Ride Dinner – Dessert

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and this is the last part of The Great Movie Ride Dinner feature. If you missed part one you can find it here, while part two can be found here.

Once everyone was finished with dinner in the western scene, we were free to move on through the rest of the attraction until we reached the Wizard of Oz set. The attraction was just as it is when you are riding through on the attraction vehicle; it was dark except for the set lights and the sets were playing through the action as they do during the ride. Therefore, when we were walking through the Alien scene, it was a bit creepy! Everyone took time to take photos with Sigourney Weaver as well as the alien itself. It was well paced and nobody was rushed through before they were ready.



Continuing through the attraction we made our way through Raiders of the Lost Ark where the action plays out with your driver and your kidnapper during the ride. The scene was playing out as it normally would and continued to do so. Again, we able to take our time in here, taking photos, and taking in the sights from different vantage points than we’re used to in the ride vehicle.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

I have to admit it was very creepy standing in the section with the mummies and such from the horror genre. It was dark, they were lighting up and moving, and if you stood there long enough staring at them, you were ready to get a move on into the next set! In Tarzan, the Ape Man Mr. Von Bahn Bonn put his directing skills to work and directed Tarzan to swing across, yell, and then do it again! Oh that Mr. Von Bahn Bonn.

Jane from Tarzan, the Ape Man

Then came a classic that everybody seems to know and love, Casablanca. “Here’s looking at you, kid”.

Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca

Finally, we walked past Sorcerer Mickey in his starring role in Fantasia before moving into the Wizard of Oz set for dessert. At the entrance to the room was a table with coffee selections for you to help yourself.

Coffee with Dessert

The room itself was set up with small tables and chairs to seat around four to five people. Tables in this room were not assigned as they were for dinner which made it a bit hard to find a spot to set your drink and plate of desserts, but everyone seemed very friendly and shared their tables with others.

Seating for Dessert

Dessert was set up buffet style on a table very beautifully decorated to match the room. Small cupcakes, tiramisu, candies, and more were served. I have a very sweet tooth, but I have to say that much of the dessert was overly sweet.

Dessert Buffet

Glenda the Good Witch made an appearance and moved throughout the crowd greeting guests and taking photos which was a nice touch. It was definitely a unique experience to see her in this attraction like this.

Glenda the Good Witch

As everyone was finishing dessert, the munchkins came out and performed as they do during the ride, which means, the Wicked Witch also came out to play! But Glenda played her part well, and the Wicked Witch went on her way.

The Wicked Witch

As the munchkins and Glenda led everyone in singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road”, Mr. Von Bahn Bonn led guests past Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man, and Toto, too, on their way to the Emerald City.

Wizard of Oz

Finally, to end the evening, we were treated to a grand finale movie montage. Yes, we were able to stand and watch the movie montage seen at the end of the attraction. It’s one of my favorite parts of the attraction as it shows so many great movie moments, people, and films, and the variety of music that plays is all so familiar to us movie lovers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our tour through these great moments at the movies, and here are just a few of my favorites.

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The Great Movie Ride Dinner – Second Course

The First Course can be found here.

For the next part of the evening, guests were led into the Western Set of the Great Movie Ride. Place cards were distributed earlier in the evening so everyone knew which table was theirs.

Table Assignment Place Card

Table Setting

Menus for the main course were placed at each table setting.

Great Movie Ride Dinner Menu

Everyone was free to move around the room, take photos, and enjoy their meal at their own pace. Entertainment in this room was courtesy of the bluegrass band playing in front of the Miners’ and Cattlemens’ Bank. They played all Disney tunes such as Zip-a-Dee-D0-Dah and the Mickey Mouse March but with a bluegrass flair. They did take a short break during the meal, which was filled by the piano player from the previous set.


Inside the Western Set

Detail On the Set

To begin the meal, fresh, warm cornbread was served with the always cute Mickey butter.

Cornbread and Mickey Butter

The appetizer for the night was a Creamy Free Range Yard Bird Chowder with Grilled Flatbread. I’m not one for chowder but this was very tasty, creamy, and flavorful and the flatbread was excellent (especially when you dipped it in the chowder).

Creamy Yard Bird Chowder and Flatbread

The next dish served was a salad course of Wild Greens Tossed with Cilantro Cactus Vinaigrette plated tableside and topped with Carrot Tumbleweeds. For most people, you either love or hate cilantro, and unfortunately I fall into the latter category. I had a few bites to taste (the salad was tasty, but too much of it and the cilantro taste starting getting stronger) and then used this time to move around the room and take more photos.

Wild Greens with Cactus and Cilantro Vinaigrette

The Western Scene Set Up for Dinner

Clint Eastwood Overseeing the Evening

The main dish for the evening was Mesquite-Grilled Beef Filet with Herb Butter, Truffle Mac and Cheese, and Molasses Pinto Beans. The filet was a little overcooked for our taste but once you reached the center, it was pink and tender. I would have to assume that the filet was cooked medium to medium well for an event like this since there are so many people to make happy. The herb butter made for a tasty dip for the filet while the truffle mac and cheese was the best item on the plate. I would love to have that recipe to try at home. The molasses pinto beans weren’t like the baked beans I’m used to, as they still had that bean texture, but they were flavorful.

Mesquite-Grilled Beef Filet, Truffle Mac and Cheese, Molasses Pinto Beans

During our main course there was another streetmosphere type character moving around the tables, but unfortunately I never caught her name. She was quite a character though. She didn’t get to spend much time at our table but the little bit of time she was there, she was a riot. When someone complimented her on the Yardbird Chowder and asked her what was in it, her response was that a yard bird was whatever bird landed in her yard that day. Let’s hope not.

More Entertainment

This portion of the evening was very well paced as we again didn’t even give time a consideration while we were in there. It was great that we were free to move around the room and take photos during the meal. The bartender from the gangster set had moved into the room with us and continued serving drinks all through dinner. Once everyone had finished we were encouraged by Mr. Von Bahn Bonn to start moving on towards the dessert course, found in the Wizard of Oz set. Next week we will wrap up this event with dessert and more photos from inside the ride.

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The Great Movie Ride Dinner – First Course

On July 16th, 2010 I was able to participate in the Tables in Wonderland special event inside The Great Movie Ride; and what a special event it was. Over the next few Hollywood Studios Wednesdays we will be highlighting the details from this event, beginning today with the first course.

The Attraction Closed to the Public at 6p.m.

Attendees were asked to check in and gather in front of the attraction beginning at 7p.m. on Friday the 16th. Once everyone was checked in, our producer Otto Von Bonn Bahn, arrived to explain to us our roles for the evening.

Otto Von Bonn Bahn

"No Pictures!... Please..."

Mr. Von Bonn Bahn entertained the waiting crowd with jokes and a little heckling of the crowd. “I suffer from bar arthritis. Do you know what that is? It’s when you’re stiff in a different joint every night!” Ba dum ching! Once set up was complete inside we were led in by Mr. Von Bonn Bahn and taken through the queue down in front of the giant movie screen that plays the trailers of the films in the attraction. Mr. Von Bonn Bahn did not want us going through the actual “corral” queue as he called it because he didn’t care for us to start mooing.

Now things really became surreal to me as Mr. Von Bonn Bahn led us through the doors to the ride loading area and we were free to roam and take photos and continue down the steps and walk through the first few sets.

Looking Back at the Loading Area

Once down the steps and on the track, we walked first through one of my favorite films on the list, Footlight Parade. It was a little rushed through here simply because I think we weren’t sure how long we could linger, but as the night went on, we took care of that.

Footlight Parade Set

Next of course was Gene Kelly and Singin’ in the Rain.

Gene Kelly

After walking quickly through the Mary Poppins set my stomach had that butterfly feeling because up next was my favorite scene in the attraction, the gangster set. This set, modeled after another James Cagney film, contains elements from The Public Enemy including Patrick J. Ryan’s bar, James Cagney himself knocking at the door, and the giant film posters on the wall.

Mr. Von Bonn Bahn overseeing the card table

The Public Enemy - no grapefruits were harmed this evening...

Props in the Gangster Set

It was here that we received our table placement cards for dinner which was the next course. Guests were given a card with their names on it as well as the name of a Wild West icon (Jessie James, Wyatt Earp, Calamity Jane). Calamity Jane was ours so that would be the table we sat at in the next scene.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the first course! We had a bartender set up in the room with us, and we noticed that he rolled from course to course with us as the night progressed.


Servers were walking among the crowd with Bourbon Lemonade as well and then there was the food! The passed appetizers included:

Bugsy’s Fire-roasted Duck with Cherries (a confit of duck tart topped with a dried cherry – my personal favorite)

Dillinger’s Seared Shrimp with Dill (seared shrimp served in a one bite sized spoon with chopped red peppers and dill)

Bonnie and Clyde’s favorite Chive-stuffed Potatoes (halved new potatoes topped with sour cream and chives)

Passed Appetizers for the First Course

We were free to move around this set, take photos, enjoy the food and drink, as well as be entertained by the piano player and the gangster actors moving throughout the crowd.


It’s hard to say how long we were in this area as we were enjoying ourselves so much that time wasn’t even a consideration. The servers came through with trays of appetizers multiple times that I saw and everyone had ample opportunity to enjoy. Our gangster entertainers spotted my birthday button (my 30th birthday was the 12th and this event was my birthday gift from my husband) and they, very loudly, questioned me in order to create a birthday song for me, which ended up being very entertaining. Here’s a short video of this craziness.

Next Wednesday we will move on to the Main Course in the Western Scene!

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