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Club Cool’s Mezzo Mix – Make Your Own?

A couple weeks ago we posted about Club Cool in Epcot’s Future World. Well that created a craving for some of one of our favorites, Mezzo Mix.

Club Cool Tasting Station

Since we’re a good nine hour drive away, we decided to try and create our own Mezzo Mix at home.

Mezzo Mix - Coca Cola and Orange Fanta

Don’t be fooled by the bottle of Mezzo Mix in the photo above. That would be an ebay purchase and who knows how old that bottle is. We see it more as a collectible piece.

Create Your Own?

We started by mixing various versions of Coca-Cola and Orange Fanta and tasting each time, trying to find the closest portions. After quite a few tastings we settled on the following:

5.5 parts Coca-Cola and 1 part Orange Fanta. Try it yourself and see what you think. You may discover a different ratio of Coke vs. Fanta and if so, let me know so we can try it out ourselves!


Epcot’s Club Cool Offers a Refreshing Taste Break

You have to pay to enjoy a lot of things in Disney World, but there’s one place you can go to cool off and quench your thirst…for FREE! Epcot’s Club Cool (formerly known as Ice Station Cool) offers up a taste of various Coca-Cola products from around the world. These include:

Club Cool Tasting Station

Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique – I enjoy ginger ale regularly and always find myself filling up my cup with Krest on each visit.

Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica – One of my favorites. I have a sweet tooth and this satisfies it. It’s fruity, it’s sweet, try it at least once.

Beverly from Italy – Everybody’s favorite…. taste to trick their friends with. My father-in-law is the only person I know so far that actually enjoyed it. But apparently he enjoys club soda and compared it to that.

VegitaBeta from Japan – It’s been awhile since I sampled this one because I tend to stick to my favorites and it was not available on our last visit. This one is a noncarbonated, orange flavored, vitamin drink.

Kinley Lemon from Israel – A lemonade soda, Kinley is another one that I find refreshing. I compare it to Sprite.

Lift Apple from Mexico – Definitely satisfies this sweet tooth! Lift Apple is possibly my favorite. It is exactly what its name implies – an apple flavored soda.

Smart Watermelon from China – Not as sweet as it looks like it could be, but it is still a refreshing soda flavored with watermelon.

Mezzo Mix from Germany – This soda with a hint of orange is my husband’s all-time favorite, so much so he ordered a vintage bottle off of ebay (and now it sits in our kitchen pantry because it’s so old nobody would dare open it). According to the description, Mezzo Mix is intended to be mixed with beer which is a strange idea of a combination to me, but to each his own.

And speaking of to each his own, the next time you’re in Epcot, stop by Club Cool and decide which flavor is your favorite! While you’re there you can pick up some Coca-Cola themed merchandise or grab a new brightly colored plastic reusable cup and have it filled with frozen coke to enjoy as you continue touring the park.

Frozen Cokes

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Captain EO Returns to Change the World

After returning to Disneyland back in February, Captain EO made it’s return to Disney World officially earlier this month. The 3-D attraction is located in the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience theater at Epcot and still uses the movement of the seats as an effect for the show just like in Honey, I Shrunk the Audience. The pre-show is a behind the scenes documentary on the making of the original film (with a quick cameo of Joe Rohde!) and shows a young Francis Ford Coppola (director) and George Lucas (producer). The show itself is very entertaining (especially for this child of the 80s) but can be a bit intense for younger children. Anjelica Huston is pretty darn creepy in her dark attire and makeup until she is set free by Michael Jackson’s power of music and dance. This was my first time seeing the show since I was never able to visit as a child but my friend who saw it with me loved it now just as much as she loved it then. The one thing we wondered was if kids today “get it” like we do? Or do they find it hokey? What do you think?

Approaching the Entrance

Heading Into the Theater

Ready for the Show

If you haven’t seen the show, or just want to see it again, check out the video of Captain EO at Martin’s Videos.

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Time to dig out your old Erector Set and create! At least that’s what Disney Imagineer Mark Sumner did when the construction of Soarin’ seemed impossible due to costs and labor. He was able to create a working model with the set that proved the ride could be created in a way that was less expensive and time efficient.  Soarin’ opened in Epcot on May 5, 2005 and you might take notice that the flight you board is flight 5505 in honor of the date. The ride is themed around an airport with the Cast Members dressed as flight attendants and guests boarding at “the gate” after viewing a video with preflight instructions. Once guests are airborne the flying sensation is created through vertical movements of the ride vehicle itself and horizontal movements in the film. An added extra touch is the feel of the wind blowing on you as well as three wonderful scents that I forever will associate with this ride: the ocean, pine trees, and oranges. One last piece of this attraction that I feel is special is the score.  Written by Jerry Goldsmith, the theme is played in both the Disneyland and Disney World attractions and can be found on the “Four Parks One World” CD. Jerry Goldsmith himself was said to have come off the ride in tears over the beauty of the experience. I know exactly what he means.

Soarin' - Epcot, April 2010

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When visiting Epcot guests can seek out a variety of special entertainment options all throughout the park.  One such group of entertainers can be found in Future World.  Not your ordinary janitors, the JAMMitors move around Future World, carrying with them their trashcans, dustpans, drumsticks… yes, drumsticks, and even buckets and shovels (in celebration of the Flower and Garden Festival). But don’t expect them to do clean-up jobs, instead, watch them do a bang-up job as they create percussion-based music using their load of resources. Their sets are usually less than 10 minutes and they do gather a crowd, so check your Epcot Times Guide for information when visiting the park.

JAMMitors Performing in Future World - Epcot, April 2010

The Seas

The Living Seas, The Seas with Nemo and Friends, whatever you choose to call it, it’s one of my favorite places to be inside Epcot.  There is so much going on in here that you could spend hours exploring it all (and in the summer heat, that’s not a bad idea).  Of course there is the Nemo ride aboard your clam-mobile where you join Marlin, Dory, and more of Nemo’s pals in a search through the ocean for Nemo himself.  More of the Nemo theme stretches to Turtle Talk with Crush where guests can have an interactive experience with Crush as he appears on the screen and talks to guests and answers their questions in real time.

Even better than that in my opinion is the aquarium itself.  There are so many opportunities to see our underwater friends and be a part of experiences with them and the Cast Members in the pavilion.  The manatees, Lou and Jasper (the new comer to the park), can be seen from underwater or from above as they swim around and munch on leafy greens.  There is always a Cast Member available to answer any questions you may have about the manatees.

Take some time, sit in the “window seat”, and watch the dolphins swim and play.  If you are in the Seas at the right time you will be able to watch a trainer interacting with the dolphins which can be very entertaining (and yes, educational, too).

Located down on the Sea Base level of the pavilion is a dive chamber where a diver demonstrates how scuba diving works.  A Cast Member is there to explain step by step what is happening and answer questions from guests.  Also on Sea Base level are smaller tanks that house more underwater creatures, and again, guests can see how Cast Members interact and work with these animals throughout the day.  One such example involves feeding the eels.  They have trained one breed of eel, the snowflake eels, to enter up through tubes to receive food because that specific breed is very aggressive and the other breeds would not have an opportunity to get enough food for themselves.  While the Cast Member is feeding the snowflake eels through the tubes a Cast Member on the opposite side feeds the rest from the top of the tank.  Again, a very interesting (and yes, educational) experience.

As I said before, I love being in the Seas and I hope you will really take some time to enjoy it for yourself on your next visit.  Until then, you can enjoy this Ultimate Tribute Video for the Seas from Martin’s Videos.

Dive Show in the Seas - Epcot, April 2010

Feeding the Eels - Epcot, April 2010

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Journey Into Imagination

For some reason, I was really drawn to the Imagination Pavilion on our trip last month.  I’m not really sure why, but the pictures seem to reflect this.  Here’s another angle of the building as well as a link to a really in depth tribute video for the pavilion and the attraction’s past and present.  The video is found at Martin’s Videos and is worth watching if you are a lover of all things Epcot.

Journey Into Imagination - Epcot, April 2010