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Carriage Rides at Ft. Wilderness

Many of the recreational activities at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort revolve around horses and the carriage ride is a great way to relax while riding around and touring the resort campground. Regular rides last 25 minutes and can be booked 180 days in advance. During the fall the carriage will take you on a Haunted Carriage Ride where you can listen to the legend of Sleepy  Hollow while riding around the campgrounds. During the holiday season guests can participate in a Holiday Sleigh Ride around Ft. Wilderness. Both special carriage rides can be booked 180 days in advance. The Haunted Carriage Ride is from Oct. 1 to Nov. 1 and the Holiday Sleigh Ride runs during the month of December.

Horse and Carriage at Ft. Wilderness


Where in the World? #7

Time for another photo guessing game!  Where in the World would you find this?

Where in the World is this?

This one was a bit of a tough one I think, but not for fans of Ft. Wilderness!  You can find this across from Pioneer Hall at Ft. Wilderness.  And while you’re there, eat till you drop with good food from Trail’s End.  I recommend the chili! (And the BBQ..and the macaroni and cheese..and the fried chicken….OK, I recommend EVERYTHING there!)

Where in the World? - Ft. Wilderness, April 2010

Tri-Circle-D Farm – Fort Wilderness

Taking the time to visit Fort Wilderness can make for a relaxing trip, whether you are staying there, or just taking a break from the parks.  Eating at Trail’s End is a must and it’s a little hidden gem, if you ask me.  After eating you should mosey around the Tri-Circle-D Farm and visit the ponies and the horses in the stables.  The horse below is John the Horse and he was a very personable fellow when we visited that day.


Tri-Circle-D Farm - Fort Wilderness, April 2010

John the Horse - Fort Wilderness, April 2010