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Island Mercantile, One of the Four Themed Discovery Island Shops

Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom has four different shops for you to spend some time (and money) in while you visit the park. However, as with everything Disney, there’s more to the story of these shops. Over the next few weeks we’re going to take a closer look at each of the four stores and the theme that is tied to each one. We begin today with Island Mercantile.

Island Mercantile Exterior

Island Mercantile is located to the left of the entrance to Discovery Island. As you approach the store you’ll notice carvings of different, brightly colored animals. When you walk inside, you’ll see that this carries over into the interior as well. But look closely. Can you spot a theme that connects the different pieces of decoration?

The Island Mercantile is centered around animals that migrate as well as animals that work.  These types of animals are all over the store, from the decorations on the wall to the lighting.

Animals Working to Hold the Lights

Wall Shelving With Migrating Salmon

More Animals that Work

The Beavers Help with the Checkout Area

Come back next Thursday as we take a closer look at Disney Outfitters.

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Animal Kingdom’s Village Beatniks Say Farewell

The musical group, The Village Beatniks, are part of the daily entertainment found inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. The group consists of five members, all playing some sort of percussion based instrument, and honoring the story of Discovery Island. A very interactive band, they always brought members of the crowd in to play along on some of the instruments.

The Village Beatniks

Sadly, after entertaining crowds for the past 12 years, the Village Beatniks will be saying farewell to the Animal Kingdom. According to Disney, the Village Beatniks will be discontinued Sunday, September 26, with their final performance on Saturday, September 25, 2010. If you are going to be in the area between now and then, take some time to catch these guys before they say their final farewell to the park!

Thanks for 12 years of great entertainment!

Discovery Island Quiet Spot

When visiting the Animal Kingdom it’s nice to stop and grab a bite to eat from Flame Tree BBQ on Discovery Island. Behind this counter service restaurant is a great little seating area where you can eat in a serene setting while enjoying the view of Asia and Expedition Everest across the water. This whole area is full of hidden, beautiful detail that most visitors probably just pass right by. Take some time out from your touring to really explore down by the water, eat a relaxing lunch, and enjoy the view!

Discovery Island Quiet Spot