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Where in the World? #14

Where in the World do you find this guy? Be specific! You can post your guess here, on our Twitter, or our Facebook page (links are found in the sidebar). Check back later for the full photo and answer and while you’re here be sure to check out our posts from this past week!

Where in the World is This?

Did you guess the Cretaceous Trail in Dinoland U.S.A at the Animal Kingdom? I know a couple of folks did!

Cretaceous Trail in the Animal Kingdom


Dinoland Midway Games

Step right up and try your hand at one of the midway carnival games in Dinoland USA at the Animal Kingdom.  This is one part of the park that I didn’t fully appreciate until I fully learned the reasoning behind it as well as the theming and attention to detail used inside.  This roadside area of rides and games is really poking fun and cashing in on the neighboring Dino Institute and dinosaur finds in the area.

Dinoland USA - Animal Kingdom, April 2010


Watch out for all the dinosaurs sneaking around Dinoland in the Animal Kingdom.  Don’t forget to the check out the trail in front of the attraction for more prehistoric pals.

Dinosaur - Animal Kingdom, July 2007