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The Story of Cinderella, All Told in Glass – Cinderella Castle’s Mosaic Mural

If you’ve taken the time to walk “inside” Cinderella Castle you’ve noticed the incredible mosaic tile murals depicting the story of Cinderella herself.

From AllEarsNet:

The five murals contain about 500 colors and a million pieces of glass, many of them fused with real silver and 14-karat gold. Smooth-faced Venetian glass and rough-surfaced smalti (enameled or glazed glass) traditionally used by Italian craftsman were incorporated into the design. It took a team of six people more than two years to complete the murals. Note that each of Cinderella’s wicked stepsisters has her own special facial tint. One sister is red in tone, to show that she is “red with rage,” while another is greenish (“green with envy”), as they both look on as Cinderella tries on the glass slipper — a perfect fit.

Cinderella forced to do her evil sisters' work

Cinderella's dreams come true thanks to her Fairy Godmother

But it ended all too soon when the clock chimed twelve

Her Prince looked high and low for her until he succeeded

And the lived happily ever after

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Quick Shot – Sunset at Cinderella Castle

When the sun has just started to go down and twilight begins to twinkle is the time when the Magic Kingdom can be at its prettiest. Cinderella Castle is lit with soft light and the sky itself seems to realize it’s the perfect backdrop for the beginning of a magical evening.

Sunset at Cinderella Castle

Castle at Dusk

Cinderella Castle is so beautifully lit in the evenings, and the pink flowers on the trees matched perfectly with the pink lights shining on the castle.

Cinderella Castle - Magic Kingdom, July 2009

Cinderella Castle Wide Shot

A pretty shot of the castle as you enter/exit Tomorrowland that includes the beautifully landscaped grounds.

Cinderella Castle - Magic Kingdom, November 2009

Mornings at the Magic Kingdom

The early morning hours after opening at the Magic Kingdom are my favorite times to take photos around the park. (Remember to click image for full size version)

Cinderella Castle - Magic Kingdom, November 2009

Cinderella Castle at Night

Sometimes it’s fun to look at things from a little different perspective.  Late nights at the Magic Kingdom offer very low crowds and great photo opportunities.  When the castle is giving it’s “kiss goodnight” it changes from one vibrant color to another and that’s one of my main memories from my first ever trip to “the World”.

Cinderella Castle's Kiss Goodnight - Magic Kingdom, August 2008