See Some of the Faces of the Animal Kingdom Lodge

When you decide to make the Animal Kingdom Lodge your resort of choice for your stay, you get more than just a room and bed to lay your head; you get a new and different experience everywhere you turn, including the people you meet.

The lobby of the resort hosts daily activities led by Animal Kingdom Lodge Cast Members, most of who come from a part of Africa. Children and adults alike can be entertained (as well as educated) on the artifacts found in the lobby as well as on animal artifacts that the Cast Members bring out to display.

Part of the Educational Display In the AKL Lobby

When you check in, be sure to check the Lodge’s information sheet for daily events around the resort.

Sample Activities Sheet from July (click on the image for a full size version)

You never know who you might meet in the lobby or in the resort giftshop,  the Zawadi Marketplace.

Zawadi Marketplace - the giftshop in the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Be sure to seek out the King Pin as he’s a very friendly and fun fellow to exchange pins with. Even if you’re not into pin trading, take a peek in the Zawadi Marketplace when he’s in there and just watch his interactions with guests for a few minutes. I guarantee it’ll make you smile.

The King Pin Offers Trades in the Zawadi Marketplace

The next time you visit the Animal Kingdom Lodge, be on the lookout for more than just the animals wandering the savanna, be on the lookout for these great Cast Member interactions as well!

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