Mickey’s Philharmagic Photo Tour

One of my must do attractions on each visit to the Magic Kingdom is Mickey’s Philharmagic in Fantasyland.

Entrance to Mickey's Philharmagic

The medley of so many great Disney film songs along with the 3-D animation make this an enjoyable attraction for everyone. The central focus of the story revolves around the beloved Donald Duck and his antics in trying to get back Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat (which he shouldn’t have touched in the first place, of course) and that just adds to my enjoyment of this attraction.

The queue area is actually more like a “lobby” with posters advertising some of our favorite characters and their musical performances.

Inside the Queue

More Inside the Queue

Once inside the attraction, you’ll find yourself inside a musical theater, complete with a stage, and curtain.

Inside Philharmagic

Mickey's Philharmagic Stage

And in case you’re missing this great attraction right now, why not enjoy it from the comfort of your home. Watch an HD version here that I found on YouTube.

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