Details in the Story of the Animal Kingdom’s Harambe Village

A couple of months ago we focused on the fictional village of Harambe which sets the scene for the Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you missed that post, take a minute to click on the link to read up on the history of the area. As you remember, the village was able to declare its own freedom in 1961. If you look closely in Africa you will spot items that celebrate this important date in the village’s history.

Carved into one of the building structures in Africa

According to the story of Harambe, it once was surrounded by a fortress and all that remains are the footprints of the old walls on the pavement. These can be spotted all around the perimeter of Harambe.

Old Wall Remains

If you look around throughout Africa you might come across the word “Uhuru” which is Swahili for “freedom”. Again, this is in honor of the year that Harambe was able to give the people the right of being decision-makers for the village.

Bench in Harambe Marking the Freedom of 1961

Be sure to take time to explore Harambe when you visit again. There is so much detail for you to spot, if you know what you’re looking for.

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