Become an Artist at Animation Academy

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the animation magic that happens inside Disney? If so, I recommend taking part in the Animation Academy at Disney Hollywood Studios.

Animation Academy Instructor

In the academy guests have an animator instructor who guides guests step by step through the drawing of various characters. Guests sit at rows of tables with special Hollywood Studios drawing paper and special drawing pencils, without erasers. Why no erasers?! The animator wants you to focus on your drawing and not spend time trying to correct every little mistake.

Guest Drawing Space

The instructor encourages guests to follow along, creating light lines that can be darkened once they are finalized which helps fix mistakes without an eraser. Each step the instructor takes can be seen on the giant screen above the drawing table.

Guiding Guests with Guide Lines

Classes are around 30 minutes and it can seem like the time goes very quickly. However, you are encouraged to be proud of your work because nobody is going to have a perfect drawing, just one that is perfect to you.  After you go home you can clean up your drawing and the guide lines to finish off your piece.

My Finished Mickey

Classes are held every 30 minutes inside the Magic of Disney Animation building and different characters are drawn depending on the instructor of the class. This is an attraction that I recommend doing as many times as you please because you always come out with something different.

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One response to “Become an Artist at Animation Academy

  1. I always love to hit this up when at DHS. We manage to have a few good laughs in there, and definitely when our drawings are done! 🙂

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