Norway’s Maelstrom

The Norway pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase is one of two pavilions with a ride attraction and not just a film.

Maelstrom Entrance

The viking type boat that guests board take them through the history of Norway and the culture of the country. Take a look at the large mural before boarding as it represents different aspects of the country’s story.

Mural in Boarding Area

Once on board, guests on the viking ship first pass through Norway’s viking days before entering a magical swamp where the ship is sent backwards by some angry trolls. While traveling backwards guests pass a scene with Norwegian wildlife such as polar bears and puffins, and then, be sure to turn around and check behind you because the ship appears to be heading backwards, outside, and over a waterfall.

Looking Back at Norway

Never fear, the ship stops momentarily, and if you turned around you get a view of the pavilion from above, and then moves forward on through scenes depicting the oil industry in Norway. Guests end their trip in a small Norwegian village where you can choose to watch a short film about the country at the exit.

Originally the attraction was going to only be focused on trolls but the Norway sponsors did not like this idea and wanted more of the country represented. The ride opened in July 1988 after the Norway pavilion was dedicated in June of the same year.

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